Thinking about separation?

If you are considering a separation, you likely have many questions about how it will impact you and your children, what steps you should take, what your options are and where you should go from here. There are many things you should "know before you go".  

Starting over?

If you are getting married, moving in with someone new, thinking about a new job or experiencing any number of life changes after a separation, your prior legal rights and obligations may impact your decisions.  Or perhaps you are re-marrying and need a divorce or an opinion letter regarding a foreign divorce.

Worried about your children?

Where your children will live and how decisions about their care and upbringing will be made are two of the biggest questions following a separation.  Concepts such as "custody", "access", and "parenting plans" can be both confusing and intimidating.   

Moving in with someone?

If you are moving in with someone, it is important that you understand the legal implications, including how living with someone is different than being married.  You may also want to protect yourself and your assets by entering into a Cohabitation Agreement.

Concerned about financial issues?

Following a separation, you may receive or need to pay either child support or spousal support.  You may also have a claim to your former spouse's property, such as their pension, and you may need to divide joint property.  If you separated in the past, you may be concerned about how much support you are paying or receiving, and for how long.

Getting married?

Like moving in with someone, there are legal implications to getting married.  Before getting married, you should understand how it will impact you and your property, as well as the options available for protecting yourself in case of a separation in the future.

I will help you understand and address your family law issues so that you can turn an ending into a new beginning.  Because you deserve a fresh start.